Full Body Workout Templates

Full body workout templates are based around working out your entire body in one workout session.

Select a Rotation, and then a Routine to create a Program.

Possible Rotations:

  • 2 workout days per week
    • 1 on, 2 off, 1 on, 3 off

  • 3 workout days per week
    • non-consecutive days

  • every other day
    • 2 week rotation
    • 4 workouts in Week 1, 3 workouts in Week 2

  • every 3 days
    • 3 week rotation
    • 3 workouts in Week 1, 2 workouts in Week 2, 2 workouts in Week 3

Possible Workout Routine Choices:

Each workout listed is listed in body part order, first body part having more emphasis in regards to intensity or volume than the others. It is recommended you rotate each workout so the same workouts are not repeated consecutively.

  • Standard Full Body Workout - 5 workout options
    • A: Legs, Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back
    • B: Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, Legs
    • C: Arms, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Chest
    • D: Shoulders, Back, Legs, Chest, Arms
    • E: Back, Legs, Chest, Arms, Shoulders

  • Alternating Upper/Lower #1 - 4 workout options, 2 for upper, 2 for lower
    • Lower A: Quads, Hams, Chest, Arms, Back
    • Lower B: Hams, Quads, Chest, Arms, Back
    • Upper A: Chest, Back, Arms, Legs
    • Upper B: Back, Chest, Arms, Legs

      note: many more workout combinations can be created than the above by making shoulders/arms/calves first movements for workouts.

  • Alternating Upper/Lower #2 - 2 workout options
    • A: Back, Quads, Chest, Hams
    • B: Chest, Hams, Back, Quads

      note: direct tricep, bicep, and shoulder work can be included as well after the above body parts are completed.