Strength and Body focuses on a simple concept - keeping track of your fitness progress. The one thing lacking, however, with keeping your own private workout journal is that you miss out on the feedback and encouragement of fellow lifters, athletes, friends, field experts, and more.

To solve this, many people take to web forums to post their workout journals in a community environment. However, this has many setbacks in itself. Feedback from others is often unmoderated by the journal owner. Finding specific progress pictures, videos, workouts, and lifting achievements are often hard to locate in a large journal due to the generic search capabilities forums possess. Filtering journals to show only posts you want to see is often impossible.

Here is where Strength and Body comes into action. Strength and Body creates an exclusive community tailored for journalers to keep track of their workout progress. Members can categorize all their workouts and postings, post videos and pictures, and even fill out profile pages so browsers can read all about their current routine, goals, and achievements. Browsers, and fellow journalers alike, can quickly browse journals by clicking on the various categories. If a user wants to list all videos in a journal, they simply choose the Videos category, for instance. With a single click users can filter out and find specific workout entries they wish to read about and follow.

Strength and Body's workout journal blog community allows members to add each other to their friends lists so they can constantly keep track of what their friends are doing, and post feedback. Browsers can quickly find journals that pertain to specific training styles they are interested in - such as olympic lifting or strongman training. Maybe they just want to see the most impressive videos posted in the Strength and Body community. Never before has there been a more user-friendly, community based workout journal network for users to keep track of their progress and encourage each other like Strength and Body.