Nine Site Body Fat Calculator

This calculator will give you an approximate estimate of your current body fat level. Since this calculator uses 9 sites to compute its result it tends to be much more accurate than other manual calculation methods like 3-site skinfold tests, waist circumference tests, etc. However, keep in mind that the calculator is only as accurate as your skinfold measurements.

To begin, enter your current bodyweight, and the nine skinfold site measurements - measured in millimeters. Using your thumb and index finger, you squeeze approximately 1 inch of fat and then use the caliper to measure the amount of millimeters that the fat takes up.

Bodyweight (in pounds)

Abdomen - horizontal fold one inch to the right of the navel
Bicep - vertical fold halfway between the shoulder and elbow joint
Calf - vertical fold directly in the middle of the calf muscle
Kidney - horizontal fold about 2 inches to the right of the spine, directly over the kidneys
Pectoral - diagonal fold, halfway between the nipple and the front of the underarm crease
Quadricep - horizontal skinfold midway up the thigh (done while standing)
Subscapula - slightly angled vertical fold between the right shoulder blade and the spine
Suprailiac - diagonal fold following the natural angle of the hipbone
Tricep - vertical fold halfway between the shoulder and elbow joint, directly over the tricep